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About us

SEO One Click is the premier SEO service provide for your Los Angeles business that will give your business a competitive advantage that is much needed in such a competitive environment. While Los Angeles is seen as one of the best places in the world for opportunity, it can also be brutally competitive. SEO One Click will work with your business to ensure that you come out at the top.

We understand that lead generation is the key to your business’ success which is why we make it the main focus of all the tools implemented within our strategy. Leads create sales and ROI which are both crucial to the success of your business. While our primary focus is lead generation, SEO services can provide many secondary benefits. In addition to increased leads, you will see increased website traffic leading to higher brand awareness, brand credibility, and the ability to create productive allocation of your advertising budget. These are all added benefits any business can prosper from, especially increased website traffic. Increased website traffic is great for any business with dense competition but it must be tracked and analyzed to offer long-term benefits. SEO One Click can offer the skill set need to accurately analyze web traffic and provide valuable insights as to where the traffic is coming from and what platforms are generating quality leads. These insights along with a firm understanding of your organization’s goals, we can analyze your current website in order to determine its functionality based on several factors:

  • On-site SEO Analysis
  • Current Optimization
  • Current Keyword Rankings
  • Has the website recently been penalized?
  • Current Backlink Profile
  • Competitor Analysis

By determining the content and status of your current website, we can then take our findings and focus on keyword optimization that fits your business. With this information, we can create a keyword list that is specific to your business, industry, and customers which when used will place you in search accordingly. Focused keywords will allow your business to come up in relevant searches that will lead to an increase in website traffic and potential leads. This is only the first step in the SEO process; once your business has improved in search ranking we can then shift our focus to optimizing your website and improving your backlink profile. Both of these steps will greatly improve your ranking, putting your competitors in the dust.

Based on our experience, we focus on organic and local SEO to provide you with the best results. Organic SEO is how your business’ website is naturally ranked based on keywords, backlinking, and relevant website content that is specifically designed for user friendliness. Local SEO is how your business is ranked in the maps section and local searches based on location and web content. SEO One Click’s intricately designed process sets you up for success in both types of SEO, ensuring that you are well equipped to come up at the top of any relevant search.

At SEO One Click we understand the important of lead generation to the survival and success of your business which is why lead tracking is one of the primary focuses of our SEO strategy. By tracking leads we can determine which marketing platforms are proving useful and which are a waste of resources. In our experience providing SEO services to an expansive range of clients, it has become evident that without the expert knowledge of how to track leads, many companies are going through with their marketing plans without this valuable information. We believe you should be empowered with lead tracking abilities which is why we set up analytics that will track all your website traffic accurately and consistently.

Google Analytics is a tool that will enable you to do just that. Google Analytics will provide you with a detailed view of your website traffic and can inform you as to when and where all your traffic is coming from. Google Analytics provides lead tracking information that is broken down into specifics that will greatly improve your ability to make informed decisions about where and how to spend your ad dollars and marketing resources. We can even set up goal conversions that will allow you to track specific actions taken by users on your website. Multiple goals can be set up through Google Analytics to allow you to get a clear picture of how your website is working to convert leads. While Google Analytics is a powerful tool that will be used to track leads, we also employ the use of inbound phone call tracking and keyword tracking to ensure that you have all the information you need to create and implement a successful marketing plan.

Inbound call tracking allows you to see which marketing materials and platforms are resulting in inquiries and converting into leads. This tool will allow you to track over time which marketing strategies are working in your favor and which can be eliminated from your plan for more productive use of your resources.

The third lead tracking tool we will use is keyword tracking. Keyword tracking allows us to see how the keyword list is working to maintain your top search position and your position against competitors. Not only does keyword tracking allow us to keep tabs on how our strategy is performing, it also allows you to hold us accountable through this long process. Becoming the best doesn’t happen overnight which is while we continue to implement our SEO strategy consistently even once you have reached the top to ensure your continued success. If you would like more information on our Lead Tracking services, click the sections above.

SEO One Click is the reliable, effective SEO services provider that will enable your Los Angeles business to overcome competition. We provide you with the tools to bring in consistent, quality leads which will ensure that your business thrives more than ever. In order to generate these leads, we implement a Pay per Click strategy that will result in quality leads with a high likelihood of converting to sales.

Pay per Click is an advertising method that only requires payment when someone clicks on your link in the search engine. We use Pay per Click because it is a proven method of generating high quality leads for businesses while having a controlled budget. Many organization’s turn away from Pay per Click due to the varying cost per click, the range being anywhere between $1 and $15 depending on your industry, competition, and timing. While the cost per click can appear pricey, the ROI is well worth it. SEO One Click has a proven track record or greatly increasing lead generation for companies of all types and sizes and we can guarantee the results will be no different for your business. For more information on our lead generation services, click the sections above.